Commercial Contract Chipping Service

  • Commercial Contract Chipping ServiceTo ensure a clean and reliable source of woodchip for fuel, Pentland Biomass has purchased its own fleet of wood chippers.
  • The largest of these is a Jenz 561 chipper powered by a 500hp engine. Fitted with an Epsilon crane for self loading, this unit is mounted on its own chassis and can be taken virtually anywhere.
  • Chip quality is controlled by a selection of rear screens which cut the wood to whatever size is required.
  • The chipper can take whole trees up to a maximum diameter of 100cm by 70cm.
  • It is on a turntable and has a 4 meter in feed to allow tree surgery waste to be loaded and chipped.
  • Up to 40 tonnes of wood can be chipped per hour.
  • To understand whether your wood is suitable for chipping or to book or price the service, please call Richard Spray on 0131 440 0895.