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Woodfuel BoilersWe assess, supply, install and maintain heating systems.

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Buying A Heating System

We understand that the installation of a new heating system is a major undertaking and requires significant consideration.

Here are some things to bear in mind:

  • A biomass heating system can save you a lot of money – we can help you work out how much.
  • 85% of the life cost of a heating system is in fuel - so make sure you have considered how your fuel will be sourced, delivered and stored to reduce future costs.
  • If you invest in a well-made boiler system you can expect good efficiency and low maintenance for many years.
  • It is essential that the heating and storage systems are designed well to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Woodfuel boilers are constructed differently to boilers using other types of fuel. They are more efficient in the way that they store the heat and therefore you should need a smaller kilowatt value of boiler than you may already have. If you have a 50kW oil system, you may only require a 35kW woodfuel one.
  • There are some good assistance packages available to help with the costs of installation. We can help you look into grants, interest free loans and Enhanced Capital Allowances.

Heating Systems Servicing

  • We build servicing packages to suit individual customers and their systems.
  • We tailor these to the needs of our customers and their boilers.