Why Biomass?

Why Biomass?Who would benefit from it?

Biomass fuelled heating systems are ideal for many different types of properties including private homes, offices, workshops, hotels, farms, country estates & garden centres.

Why use Biomass?

  • Biomass is a renewable, low carbon fuel.
  • It is cheaper than fossil fuel.
  • It is widely available throughout the UK from sustainable sources.
  • Correctly managed, biomass is a sustainable fuel that can deliver significant reduction in net carbon emissions when compared with fossil fuels.
  • UK targets to reduce emissions will cause Government to increase the pressure on companies to look for cleaner solutions.

What is Biomass?

Biomass is biological material sourced from living or recently living organisms. Generally this is assumed to be almost entirely provided by plant material, most commonly wood, but in fact the term biomass can be applied to both animal and plant derived materials.

The carbon found within biomass products was absorbed from the atmosphere initially by plant life, utilising CO2 (carbon dioxide) sunlight and water. Animals may convert this by digestion into animal biomass. The plant material that is not eaten can either be burnt as biomass or converted back to elemental substances by the breakdown of plant tissues by microrganisms.

By burning biomass the recently captured carbon is released back into the atmosphere as CO2. The most commonly used biomass fuels are virgin wood, usually waste products, high yield crops grown specifically for energy yield and agricultural residues.

For more information visit the Biomass Energy Centre.