• Woodchip Biomass FuelPentland Biomass is one of the leading woodchip specialists in Scotland. We supply woodchip to sites up and down the UK ranging from the smallest at a few tonnes per annum to the largest at 3000 tonnes per annum.
  • We size woodchip to individual customer requirements - G30 and G50 are the most commonly requested.
  • Our woodchip is sourced locally from sustainable forestry – we support the local economy and use Tweed Valley wood.
  • It is very high quality woodchip – our woodchip has been dried for 12 months so the moisture levels are < 30% (the best that can be attained in Scotland). This ensures excellent boiler efficiency.
  • Clean woodchip – we use virgin timber rather than old wood. This increases the efficiency of your boiler and reduces servicing requirements.
  • Large chipping and delivery capacity – we have the equipment and delivery capacity to chip and deliver on a very large scale. This leads to very keen prices for all sizes of order.
  • Contract Chipping Service – we provide chipping for customers who wish to use their own timber. Our fully mobile chipper can chip up to 40 tonnes per hour. For prices, please contact Richard Spray on 0131 440 0895.