WoodchipWood PelletsSeasoned hardwood Logs

  • Biomass fuels are carbon neutral, therefore exempt from the Climate Change Levy, unlike fossil fuels.
  • The long term future of biomass is guaranteed, unlike fossil fuels.
  • Savings of up to 60% can be attained year on year using woodfuel rather than fossil fuel.
  • The installation of biomass heating systems can be eligible for a grant, unlike fossil fuel systems.
  • There is far less residue or ‘clinker' to remove, unlike solid fossil fuels.

Example of biomass fuels:

  • Woods: Sawdust, Wood Chip, Chipped Waste, Wood Pellets.
  • Cereals: Miscanthus, Sunflower Cake, Sunflower Rapeseed, Waste Grain, etc.
  • Straw burning boilers also accept: Rape Cake, Straw Pellets, Straw.