New firewood products in shop!

Date: August 12, 2022

We have two new cost saving firewood mixes in our online shop.

Air Seasoned Hardwood

While most of our firewood is kiln dried, we now offer air seasoned hardwood firewood as a cheaper alternative.

 This firewood has a higher moisture content than the recommended 20% maximum for burning, so it needs to be seasoned by being left to dry for a few months before it is ready to burn.

It is however considerably cheaper than the fully kiln dried alternative, so if you have the space to stack wood, our part seasoned firewood is a very cost effective way to keep your stove running this winter.

Since part seasoned firewood will need to be left for a few months to dry, now is the perfect time to buy it for the upcoming winter season!

Firewood Stove Mix

We are now offering in our online shop the new Firewood Stove Mix.

Our firewood stove mix is a 50/50 mix of kiln dried softwood hardwood and softwood logs that is perfect for you woodburning stove.  The softwood burns hotter more quickly, making it easier to get the fire going, and produces more immediate heat , while the hardwood in the mix burns more slowly, keeping your fire going.

Not only does this mix provide the best of both worlds, but it is also cheaper than buying hardwood firewood, saving you money and giving you a fantastic fire.

Smaller log for smaller stoves

If you have a smaller 1 or 2kW stove, our standard 9 inch logs can be a little too large to easily fit in the firebox. For these smaller stoves, we now offer hardwood logs cut to 8 inches in length. These 8 inch  logs are perfect for smaller fires, and are kiln dried ready for immediate use.

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