How should you store your firewood?

Date: January 25, 2023

While our kiln dried firewood comes ready to burn. storing your logs incorrectly can cause them to get damp, particularly in the cold and wet Scottish winter!

If you have purchased kiln dried logs, storing them correctly will ensure that the remain dry. If you are trying to season your own logs, good storage will help them dry out can get them ready to burn more quickly.

Here are some tips for storing your firewood

Don’t place your logs directly on the ground, particularly on grass or mud.

If you place you logs in direct contact with damp ground, water can be absorbed back into the logs, increasing their moisture content.  A common mistake is to leave logs lying on grass for an extended period; the moisture from the grass can make the logs damp.

Stack them neatly, don’t just dump your logs in a pile!

If you just dump your logs in a big pile outside, air can’t easily get to the logs in the middle of the pile. If you do this and the logs in the middle of the pile get wet at all, they won’t dry out. It’s much better to stack your logs neatly in rows. Not only does this look good, but it allows the air to flow easily through the stack and remove any moisture.

Store your log in a sunny, well ventilated area.

If at all possible, store your logs in a place that will catch both the sun and the wind.

Cover your logs.

It’s much better to store your logs under a covered shelter to stop them getting too wet, particularly here in Scotland!  Placing a tarpaulin over the top is one way to keep the rain off, however don’t cover the sides if your log stack since this will reduce the ventilation.

Make sure it’s easy to access.

Remember you will need to access your firewood store regularly, both to fill it and to get logs for your fire. If you place it somewhere that is awkward to get to, it can be a real pain.

Make sure there is enough space around the log store that you can easily stack and remove logs,  and that there is an easy way to get your logs into it. If the wood store is close to where your logs are delivered, and there is a clear path you can take a wheelbarrow down, it makes everything so much easier!

Consider a purpose-built log store.

An excellent way to ensure your logs are kept dry is to use a purpose build log store that is placed in a convenient location. It will keep your logs lifted off the ground, protected from the elements, well ventilated and easy to access.

Many garden centres sell log stores, or if you are DIY minded, you can build one yourself. We might write an article about how to build a log store in the future….

I hope this helps you store you logs that helps keep them dry. If you have a log store that needs filling, you can buy our bulk bags of firewood here. If however you don’t have much room  to store logs, we also offer smaller handy bags of logs that can fit in a much smaller space.

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