Delivery & Returns Policy

Delivery & Returns


  1. The contract between you, the customer, and Pentland Biomass will be deemed to be fulfilled upon delivery of your order in a fit state of condition.
    1. The goods will be considered to be delivered in a fit state where you, the customer, has signed the delivery note confirming the safe delivery of the order.
    2. Where the customer has waived their right to inspect the state of goods by allowing delivery without a signature on delivery, the goods will be deemed to be delivered in a fit state regardless of the actual state of goods delivered, and delivery will be deemed to have been made at the time stated on the delivery note.
    3. We advise against customers requesting unattended deliveries.
  2. The contract between you (the customer) and Pentland Biomass includes delivery to kerbside only. Please ensure that you have the means to move the pallet(s) and their goods from the kerbside to a suitable storage location. It is your responsibility to notify us of any access issues at checkout to ensure we can accommodate your delivery.
  3. Where your order has received some level of damage in transit it is imperative that you mark what damage has occurred on the delivery note that the driver provides.
    1. Where damages have been indicated on the delivery note, Pentland Biomass will refund you the value of the goods indicated damaged. Pentland Biomass is unable to replace damaged goods on future orders.
    2. Where damages are not indicated on the delivery note Pentland Biomass is not able to offer any refund where the customer could have been reasonably been expected to have been aware of the damages after a visual inspection of the order.
    3. If there are damages on any order that were not signed off on a delivery note and that could not reasonably have been discovered by a visual inspection of the order on delivery, then the customer may apply for a refund for the damages provided they are able to:
      1. Provide evidence of the damage in photographic form;
      2. Provide evidence that the damage could not have been reasonably discovered by a visual inspection of the goods on delivery;
      3. Provide notification of the damages to Pentland Biomass within 24 hours of the delivery.
    4. Delivery Timeframes
      1. Delivery timescales are typically between 2 and 5 days from point of order.  Please note that in all cases this timeframe is a guide only. Pentland Biomass will not be held liable if for whatever reason a delivery does not arrive within an expected period.
      2. There are some remote areas which take longer to deliver to – typically up to one week.
      3. Delivery areas - Scotland, England and Wales mainland only. If you require delivery out with these areas, please contact Pentland Biomass by phone on 0131 440 7949.
    5. Delivery Access
      1. It is your responsibility to ensure that there is suitable access to the delivery location. Where a delivery is attempted but is unable to complete due to a lack of access that you could have reasonably been expected to anticipate, we will charge a redelivery fee of at least £30 + VAT per pallet.
      2. It is your responsibility to ensure that the address and delivery instructions you provide are suitable. Where the address and instructions are vague and our haulier cannot reasonably be expected to find the delivery location from the instructions provided, we reserve the right to charge a redelivery fee of at least £30 + VAT.

Defective Goods and Returns

  1. It is your responsibility to ensure that the goods are suitable for the use to which you put them too.
  2. In the unlikely event that the goods provided do not conform to these terms, please let us know within 7 working days from delivery. If the goods do not conform we will;
    1. Remove the goods at our cost and provide you with a full refund for the value of the goods that have been removed; or
    2. Replace the goods at our cost.
  3. If you are unsatisfied with the goods delivered, but the goods do conform to these terms and you would like to return the goods we will collect the goods and provide a refund to you provided:
    1. The goods are returned to us in a saleable condition;
    2. At least 66% of the original order is returned.
    3. We will refund you the full value of the goods returned to us, less any transport costs incurred returning the goods to our warehouse.
  4. These terms and conditions apply to any replacement goods that we may send you.
  5. If your order is being returned it is your responsibility to ensure adequate access for our haulier to collect the goods. Where appropriate access is not given we will pass on any additional haulage costs to you.
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