Team Members

Meet the Pentland Biomass Team

Find out more about the tean at Pentland Biomass and the people who make sure that your firewood delivery makes it smoothly from our timberyard to your front door!
Richard Spray

Richard Spray

The Boss
Richard is the boss. He’s the one who calls the shots and keeps us all in line. He is often to be found out and about visiting customers or hiding in the woodyard making sure he stays away from the office and the admin that he hates.

A man, with an eye for new markets; he began this business in 2006 by installing a massive woodchip boiler to Pentland Plants the same week that his son was born! Two new beginnings in the one week. His wife was delighted! Since then, he’s never looked back.

Land Rovers and shooting are his other passions when he occasionally takes time away from work.

Shiona Macmillian

Shiona has worked in the office since 2009, during which time she worn a number of hats. Her background is in banking and marketing so renewables was quite a new experience in the early days. As well as working for Pentland Biomass 15 hours a week, she runs a full time taxi service for her children and loves to cook (and eat!).

Mya Borthwick

Office Manager
Mya is one of the newest members of the team. A skilled administrator and creative, she brings youth and order to the hectic office, making sure our firewood deliveries run smoothly. In her spare time she is often to be found behind a sewing machine creating something in total contrast to the logs and pellets of her day job.

Ilmars Alksnis

Firewood Operator and Assistant Yardsman
Ilmars has been with us from the start. He operates the forklift and log processors and is an excellent craftsman who takes care of many of the tricky building and repairing jobs around the business. A proud Latvian, he is part of a traditional Latvian dance group who perform around the world.

Stuart Gillies

Chipper Operator and Yardsman
Stuart is the newest and youngest member of our team. He is our mild mannered gentleman who is equally at home in the woodyard, on the chipper, doing local firewood deliveries or in one of our HGVs. He is often to be found in one of his beloved Hiluxes tending to the horses in his spare time.
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